Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remember Thwomp Factory? It's back -- in zine form! After years of punching cars and eating meat from the ground, we're charged back up and ready to go. Covers The first issue is filled with words and pictures about games, mostly video. Unlike the Thwomp Factory blog, video games won't be the sole focus. Take issue #2, for instance: wizards for one and all. There's room for eight-bit Elminsters and Dumbledores, but we're keeping our prospects open for radness, whatever its source. Table of Contents

This 28-page book includes work by Zach Thrillhouse, Abby Thrillhouse, Nick Emmerich, Boris Smelov, Zach Welhouse, Amelia Gorman, and Pocket Aimee. Just as awesome: the full-color cover by Momma P. One side is action-packed and full of words; reverse it and the words have magically disappeared. How perfect for all your Thwomp mini-poster-related needs!

Picture1 Picture 2 If you're interested in a copy of Thwomp Factory #1, send $2 via PayPal to watched at gmail along with your mailing address. Alternately, feel free to use the Paypal button below. PDFs are also available if you are a scientist or Internet visionary. Have moral compunctions about using PayPal? Send an e-mail to watched at gmail and we can work out something via real mail.

Supplies are limited and life is short.

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