Friday, August 1, 2008


I am really quite shocked and disgusted at some ideas for games. Seriously. At some point it came to my attention that there's a game that exists to make fun of women. Fat women, no less. It's a strategy-esque game of sorts where the sole point and joke is to force feed a cute, rotund woman as many sweets as you can in order to do better at the game.

Disgusting, my friends. Disgusting. Where to even start?

First of all, I am sick of the cliche "female" look. All this pointless frippery and doodads and cutesy clothing. HEY, CHARACTER DESIGNERS. REAL WOMEN WEAR JEANS AND T-SHIRTS. Why not a leather jacket instead of some "feminine" fiddle-faddle?

Secondly, I am sick of seeing yet another woman with a non heteronormative body type to be totally desexualized.

And what you do to her is just dehumanizing. Shoving sweet foods and things barely recognizable as food into her, level after level. And if you don't? You lose. This game is as good as saying its male players will "win" at life if they can find a wife they can keep complacent just by feeding.

And yeah, way to reinforce existing stupid stereotypes. No woman can resist eating a piece of cake in front of her, amiright ladies? That's all we're good for. Eating cakes and eating, well, more cake.

Ms. Pacman, we will tolerate your antics no more.


Anonymous said...

I loled.

Anonymous said...

What most people don't know is that the princess suffers from hypoglycemia and without the cake she will go unconscious and die. Her 'captors' are zealously trying to save her life and accidentally go overboard.

They should be applauded for their quick-thinking in such a potentially disastrous situation.

All kidding aside, this game is wouldn't be made if people wouldn't play it.

Amelia said...

And I'm going to be one of those people that play it :P

Hopefully you are too. Then you, Laura, and Elliott and I can see who's the best at making women eat.

LT McG said...